The origins of Chili Chews began years before the first piece of candy was coated in spice. What sounds like a children’s tale is far more complex than that. At just 4 years old, Shant and Vicken formed a lifelong bond over their love for food and culture, enriched in their hometown of San Fernando Valley.

They always had a love affair with candy, however, this love triangle seemed to be missing something HOT. No matter where they searched, they could not find the perfect balance of sweet and spicy candy, forcing them to develop their own at home.

After years of finger-licking experience and hundreds of iterations of their recipe, they knew that their candy deserved to be enjoyed with people who shared their passion (or addiction) of eating high quality, mouth-watering spicy candy.

With extra time on their hands during the middle of a worldwide pandemic, Shant and Vicken decided it was the perfect time to introduce the world to the joy of Chili Chews.

In just one short year and with over 100,000,000 bags delivered these two friends are well on their way to making Chili Chews the go-to gourmet chili candy.